10 Minute Musicals- A performers perspective

I feel very lucky to be amongst the ever expanding theatre scene in Wales at the moment! Working with passionate, emerging artists is only one of the fantastic parts about being involved in Leeway productions ’10 Minute Musicals’!

Two days of being in a room of innovative creatives. Whenever I walked to the other side of the room to go to the toilet or to get a coffee I heard different magical splashes of music with each step I took.IMG_6096

I was grouped up with Dafydd Evans (composer) and Tobias Weatherburn (performer). Unfortunately the writer assigned to our group was ill, so in true ‘The Show Must Go On’ style we put our creative minds together and decided to co-write the ’10 minute musical’ ourselves; We definitely had ‘The Fear’. The other groups seemed so much further ahead of us; the performers were already learning the songs, incorporating different instruments into their pieces. We had a guitar, a composer and two performers but no material. However we did have (without sounding like a cheesy rom com) each other. Pens were at the ready, coffee was on standby and the guitar was tuned. There’s something infectious about being in a room full of artists of such a high calibre. Ideas were thrown round between all three of us, sparking off more ideas. We decided on a genre – comedy, a setting – toilet in a club in Wales, a plot – a Welsh girl takes a pregnancy test, she wants to be pregnant to get a council house, she day dreams about who out of three different men could be the father. Simple.

One of my favourite parts of the project was sharing and watching everyone else’s fantastic collaborative pieces to a sold out audience at The Other Room. The atmosphere was electric. From a glorious operatic style piece to a beautiful reflective, almost folky piece between two sisters over a family death. Each piece could not be more different and the talent in the room was overwhelming, from the writing to the composition, to the performances. Every element was inspiring.


Tobias, Dafydd and I were lucky enough to be asked by Angharad to perform our ’10 minute musical’ at the 2017 Wales Theatre Awards. It was a fantastic opportunity to show what Leeway productions vision in platforming emerging Musical Theatre artists in Wales is.

I cannot rave enough about Angharad, this company she has founded and her incredible fire for the Arts!



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