10 Minute Musicals

What a year it has been for our 10 Minute Musicals Project.

Our pilot project at the end of 2016 generated so much love that we are now planning our 5th instalment.

Supported initially by the incredible The Other Room in Cardiff, we have now secured the support of Wales Millennium Centre and look forward to building on this relationship with this flagship venue in Wales.


During it’s 1st year, 10 Minute Musicals supported 64 artists. From writers, composers, performers, poets and musicians. There is an obvious want for this project and we would just like to say a huge thank you to all the organisations who continue to support.

Brand new collaborations have been born, some of which are now flourishing beyond this project which is a joy to see. The project sets out to look at how varying musical styles can drive artists to investigate their own methodologies of working.

Our resident designer Becky Davies has been documenting much of our work through her wonderful practice and exquisite eye.


We have performed at The Other Room, The Eisteddfod, Pontio in Bangor, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and at Wales Millennium Centre. Our next stop is Focus Wales in Wrexham.


Jane Oriel talking about our last event:
“The week’s experimental exercise has opened a wealth of possibilities for new musical theatre in Cardiff. It has been eye opening to learn that much more is possible from this art form that I had previously expected so little from. Well done to all concerned and I look forward to seeing the next developments”

When Peter Cox said he wanted to take part as a writer, we were absolutely thrill. A writers with so much experience and this is what he had to say:

“When I first saw the publicity for this exciting project it hit a nerve with me: I just ‘got it’. Immediately. The concept, the possibilities and potential, the achievability. The lot! I saw it as a kind of ‘Blind Date’ for creatives. No preconceptions. No planning. Just turn up. Meet. Create. Perform! Having now done it I’m delighted that it turned out to be exactly what I’d hoped – stimulating, challenging, productive and fun.”

We are increasingly keen to work with artists who would never have thought about writing for musical theatre. One of these artists was the hugely talented Francois Pandolfo. He says:
“Not only was it an honour to be asked to be part of this exciting new project but the premise and delivery process was a real eye opener to the possibilities of discovery when collaborating with a team of creatives. What interested me specifically was how we were encouraged to hand over our natural instincts to push the area of skills we would normally use and collaborate in a way that helps you see the many clogs in the creating process. As a writer I wanted to take control of the narrative but with the daily missions sent out by Angharad it was clear we had to think outside the box and open our minds to other alternatives of developing an idea, in my case this was approaching the piece from a soundscape angle and starting from there. This was challenging and a real shot in the dark but carefully crafted by Leeway Productions to be daring and bold in order to widen the scope of creativity that push the normal format of development which currently seems tired and unimaginative.
This model is one I would like to see happen more and more as a way of bringing collaborative possibilities together and opening a forum for discussion and exploration that isn’t filling in forms or separating people’s roles and adhering to strict creative guidelines and protocol.”

We look forward to announcing the dates for our next project very soon.

Leeway Team x



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