From the Living Room to the Stage The Power of Collaboration by Adam Print

I first started following Leeway Productions when I heard about their exciting 10-Minute Musicals project. Shortly afterwards, I saw they were offering the amazing opportunity of a songwriting masterclass with singer/songwriter Amy Wadge, so I signed up. I’d been writing music and lyrics in private for 20 years, as a bedroom songwriter, so I was apprehensive, but it was great to get the chance to collaborate with other local songwriters.


Leeway announced that they were holding an evening of new music to celebrate the female voice and when asked, I pushed myself to be involved. I wrote a new song about empowerment and re-worked a recently written break-up song, both of which had pop structures with musical theatre influences. My request to be paired with a ‘belter’ was answered and I was matched with the very talented actor/singer Melanie Stevens.


Sirens was held at the Wales Millennium Centre as part of their Performances for the Curious Season in April 2018. Mel really understood the meaning of the songs and delivered them beautifully, as I accompanied her at the piano. The first ever public performance of my music was a success, despite my nerves, and we were rewarded with an emotive reaction from an amazing audience.

sirens 2 blog


About the Songs:


Siren is an empowering ballad that was written for the unheard and those who have ever been forced to suppress themselves. Finding your voice is the first battle, being heard is the second, but it can be done.


I Can’t Break is a bittersweet ‘showtune’ that was written to connect with everyone who has experienced heartbreak. Putting on a brave face and coming out the other side is a delicate survival, but when the heartache is over, the fond memories can last a lifetime.


What’s Next?


Mel and I have since recorded the songs. Siren has been heard in over 35 countries around the world and made the shortlist for a TV soundtrack, and I Can’t Break made it to the Regional Finals of the Future Music Songwriting Contest, where we performed it live at the legendary Dingwall’s in Camden. Future plans include more collaboration, performance videos, experimenting with different genres and a live show.


Thank you to Leeway Productions for the opportunities to learn, collaborate and perform. These opportunities made it possible to bring the music to life and finally get me out of the house and onto the stage. It is great to have a champion of emerging artists, promoting collaboration in Wales and beyond.

Siren & I Can’t Break (feat. Melanie Stevens) by Adam Print are available now to download and stream on all platforms.



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