Leeway Productions and University of South Wales, Creative and Therapeutic Arts Students. Partnership project

We are delighted to share with you these incredible pieces of art born from our partnership with the Creative and Therapeutic Arts Students at the University of South Wales. 

This springboard project has been directly linked with our production of The Last 5 Years by Jason Robert Brown as we interweaved British Sign Language and Sign Supported English throughout the piece.

It has been a joy to meet with you and get to know you and we hope you are proud of these thought provoking pieces of work.

What a beautiful project this has been and hugely enriching for our actors/performers and for us as a company.

Have a look through the lovely work below:



My name is Jade Williams and I am a Creative and Therapeutic Arts student from the University of South Wales. For our Art project we are collaborating with Leeway Productions, by creating art works based on the themes of the play The Last Five Years. We were invited to the rehearsals for the play and it was such an inspirational experience for me. I’ve never experienced BSL in the form of dancing before and it was eye opening. My class was taught a dance and shown which signs were transformed into the dance moves. The emotion and meaning Leeway have managed to portray in a small scene is amazing. When our trip was over I just wanted to see more. I asked to see rehearsals again and take some footage. 

 Using this footage I created a visual reflection based on one of the dancers. The experience has moved me and I will always  remember the way the signs have been transformed into a meaningful dance. I am so excited to see the play on Friday and bring along my sketch book to create more visual reflections of the performance. 



Elizabeth Davies

Over the last few weeks myself and my fellow students, from the Creative and Therapeutic Arts degree, run by the University of South Wales, have had the amazing privilege of visiting the Leeway group’s rehearsals. This has been an amazing insight into the production and creation of a creative theatre piece. The production team and performers were very welcoming to us and made us feel right at home despite us being within their space. It was massively comforting to see both cast, crew and production team engaging in conversation with us all and being so willing to impart their knowledge and wisdom to us. As well as this we had the opportunity to express our ideas and thoughts of the piece from an outside perspective which seemed rather well received. We spent some time being shown and introduced to some of the dance moves that will be in the performance, then we created some visual art while watching the cast perform and rehearse, trying to capture the essence of the show. This then again helped us to feedback to the production about our thoughts as well as helping us to workshop our creative evaluation techniques.

We have received insight into the uses of British Sign Language in theatre to create a more inclusive and accessible production that can be appreciated and understood by a wider audience field. These themes have sparked interest in all of us present. We have since harnessed this and created our own art in relation to BSL as part of our ongoing creative experimentation.

Another aspect of the visit we found interesting was observing the choices around the use of the set. I found it intriguing that the production has used the set to emphasise and, in some cases, explain the passage of time within the story. The clarity and resourcefulness of the set was discussed within our course group after the visits, many of us found this creatively inspiring. Considering how we could use the same ideas within our practice and our creativity.

All the students of the BA (Hons) Creative and Therapeutic Arts would like to say a big thank you to Leeway Productions and all their amazing cast, crew and producers for allowing us this privilege to witness their work. The knowledge and inspiration that we have all taken away from our time with them will not be put to waste. This opportunity has sown creative seeds in us that we may not have thought about exploring before, showing how limitless the creative arts really can be. From all of the Year 2 students on the Creative and Therapeutic Arts degree, thank you very much.



In response to the springboard ‘BSL looks like a chord’. I decided to create an abstract painting that explores the movement that it takes to create sign/final product.



Kelly Harvard Jones

My springboard embroidery piece (never done embroidery before) inspired by Leeway Productions “BSL looks like a chord sounds”















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