The 10 Minute Musicals experience

Written by musician Angharad Jenkins

10 Minute Musicals was such a creatively rewarding experience. We were given the time and space to create and develop a piece of ‘musical theatre’ and those involved weren’t confined to their roles; musicians became writers and writers became musicians.

48385938_1503250186473375_6579885821548036096_nThrough a series of tasks throwing us all way beyond our comfort zones, we amazed ourselves with the ideas that poured out.


In addition to this, it was a great opportunity to meet other musicians and writers and form new creative partnerships. It was the first time for me to work with beatboxer and rapper Dean Yhnell aka Beat Technique. Since then we have gone on to work together on Avant Cymru’s hip-hop dance production Blue Scar, as well as being accepted through a rigorous audition process on to the Live Music Now scheme. Being involved in 10MM has certainly paid off, and that’s just within the first year of being involved. I have kept in touch with others who were involved on the project, so who knows which other creative partnerships may arise later down the line.


Opportunities like this to network are extremely important in any artist’s career, and should be a regular part in the working lives of all creatives. To be able to meet such a wide range of people, from musicians, to scrip writers, directors, theatre makers, funders, promoters, programmers and all the myriad of roles that make up a cultural industry; this can only excite and challenge those involved and ultimately encourage the creation of new work. And new work, which we all hope, strives to attract new audiences.

Angharad Jenkins

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