10 MINUTE MUSICALS: Artist Call Out

Come and write your own mini musical.

PROJECT 1 at Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli

Workshop dates:
-February 9th, 16th, 23rd (10am-6pm)
-Scratch performance: February 23rd, 6.30pm at Ffwrnes Theatre

Cost: FREE!

-Are you a writer, composer, a band, a poet, a beatboxer, a singer songwriter, or do you aspire to be any of these?
-We are looking for fresh innovative voices who are willing to push boundaries and play with form.
-We are looking for creatives with a passion for the continued development of their practice.
-We want you to have an openness to play, to be willing to try new approaches in order to develop the skills which will enable collaboration on a larger scale.
-You will need to commit to the 3 workshop dates above, which will also include a sharing of work at Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli.


Expressions of interest:
-Expressions of interest can be submitted as an individual artist and we will match you with another artist,
if you are an existing writer/composer team.
-Please send a short example of your work along with a CV / Biog or a little about yourself to:
-Please include your name, a contact email address and phone number.
-Send us a short video explaining who you are and why you are interested in this project.
-It’s that simple.
-Don’t be shy. Just get in touch. Huge welcome to all. Whatever your age.

Closing date: December 20th

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